Hajo Meyer on Jews and Palestine (must see)

Gilad Atzmon: I think that this film is very effective, the message is clear and transparent.

I salute Dr Hajo Meyer and the person behind this short video.

However, Dr  Meyer whom I admire says, “Jews were pioneers of inter-human ethics”

Though I agree and support Meyer’s stand against Israel I also think that Meyer may be  slightly wrong here. The Old Testament certainly  contains some isolated patches of ethical insights. However, the vast majority of Jewish teaching, the Jewish Bible and the Talmud are anti humanist, non ethical, racially supremacist and tribally orientated.

I could agree with Meyer that Jesus Christ can be seen as the last Jewish prophet, and yet Christ's attempt to universalize Judaism was rejected by the Jews of his time. The rabbinical authorities have also rejected Jesus and his teaching since then.

As devastating as it may be, Israeli brutality is consistent with a very unfortunate yet common interpretation of Judaism and the spirit of the Old Testament.

Meyer ends up saying that “Israel destroys the Jewish world and the Jewish heritage.”

Again, unlike Meyer  I think that Israel is actually consistent with Jewish heritage. Within this very heritage, the voices of reason and universal ethics are always silenced by a brutal call for conformity. We do not know whether Israel is going to succeed in "destroying the Jewish world", however, we certainly witness an Israeli attempt to destroy the Palestinian people (in particular) and the Muslim world (in general). I guess that it is the Palestinians we should care for rather than the Jews or their heritage.  I am sure that Dr Meyer would agree with me about that.