How to watch Press TV in UK

Press TV, the Iranian state broadcaster's English-language outlet, has been forced off the air in the UK after Ofcom revoked its licence for 'breaching the Communications Act.'

Though the  British Government  sends young soldiers to kill in the name of freedom, in the United Kingdom, some basic and  elementary liberties belong to the past. 

However, for the time being, we can still follow real news in this island. Press TV viewers in the UK can continue to watch the news channel via the following satellites or by visiting the following websites despite Ofcom's sickening rulling.

You can watch Press TV broadcast from anywhere in the world by visiting the following websites:

  • Press TV watch live services (Worldwide) 

  • Zattoo (Internet platform and IPTV. Supports PC, MAC, Linux and all tablet PCs and smartphones) (UK) 

  • OHTV Box (Internet Set-top box) (Worldwide) 

  • Roku Box (Internet Set-top box) (Worldwide) (Available in UK from January 2012) 

  • Livestation (Internet platform. Supports PC MAC, Linux and all tablet PCs and smartphones)