I am back from Bradford

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In spite of weeks of Jewish extensive and relentless lobbying against me, my message. my book and my music, despite of a  campaign that started with Jewish 'anti' Zionists and ended with a ludicrous demand by the Board of Deputy of British Jews to pull out my concert, Raise Your Banner Music Festival didn't surrender. They stood firmly for truth, justice and freedom of speech.

I guess that the message is clear, the Zionist lobby is  falling apart!!!

The gig was a massive success. the room was sold out. We played for almost 3 hours for the most enthusiastic and supportive audience.

Also, In Bradford last night, there was not a single sign of protest against our concert. I guess that Sayan Nick Lowles who was very active falsifying documents in the name of Hope not Hate, probably realised towards the end of the week that the game was over for him. He is now exposed for what he is- an avid advocate of the Zionist crime.

I am off to bed now.


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