In The Memory of Dershowitz et Stossel

Just saw this 5 stars review on Amazon and decided to  share it with you..

By soil sommelier on January 19, 2013


I had no real interest in reading this until I came across Alan Dershowitz on the John Stossel show, in what seemed a totally inappropriate and uncharacteristic kind of segment. Generally Stossel is all about the Libertarian big ideas, and yet - here was this holder of an endowed chair at Harvard, shrieking like a little girl. He was ranting about how students at some school in Chicago should shun their teacher for him having asked them to read and comment on the book. Seems rational enough a request in an institution of supposedly higher learning, but I got the distinct impression that the Israeli lead apologist thinks that only he and his ilk are qualified to decide what we should and should not be allowed to read. So much for our democratic "friends" in the Middle East eh? More curiously, this Dershowitz character (wasn't he on O.J.'s "Dream Team"?) is actually supposed to be an American citizen, as well as being called one of the great Constitutional scholars of our time. If he's really one of the best, then it's no real surprise why we're where we are. Not being particularly fond of anyone so devotedly myopic to defending Zionism (or any type of close minded zealot for that matter), the more he whined, the more I felt compelled to purchase, read, and share the book. So far, next to Hayek's, Road to Serfdom, it's probably my most frequently lent volume.

The author's credentials were smeared in a very glaring way by the Zionist extremists, but his book is anything but what they claim. Their insults regarding his credentials are meaningless, particularly since people like Dershowitz have never served as the author has, in the Israeli army. This notion of the Holocaust having been turned into a religion all unto itself is also quite an

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