Is he a compulsive liar?

Ali Abunimah wrote today

"In November 2010, I was invited to speak at a conference in Stuttgart, Germany on the one-state solution. Atzmon apparently invited himself to this conference and somehow parlayed his way onto the stage to give what was called a “greeting.

Look at the following  video and judge for yourself, does it look as if your truly invades the stage by force?

And if I 'parlayed my way onto the stage' as Abunimah suggests, why did the conference decided to publish my talk? Surely, Abunimah and a few others tried to prevent it. 

Just to redeem Abunima of his compulsion. I will publish here my invitation to the Stuttgart conference:

On  20 November 2010 Attia Raja, the head of Palestine Committee Stuttgart,  wrote to me:

Dear Gilad,
Thank you that you are prepared to come to the Palestine-Solidarity-Conference in Stuttgart. We are glad to welcome you. As you can see in the programme it is very compact.But we would be glad to give you time for a greeting speech of maximum ten minutes before the next panel starts on Saturday at 2.15 pm. We hope you will understand our situation and we should be glad to invite you soon for a concert with a complete speech.
With best wishes

Ali Abunimah obviosly knows all of that. But i wonder, is it possible that he is tormented by the fact that the youtube clip of my talk in Stuttgart had twice more viewers than the entire conference put together? 

Abunimah continues:

"When he spoke, I (and many others at the conference) found Atzmon’s comments disturbing because he appeared to be blaming Jews as Jews for the conflict in Palestine"

Abunimah is unfortunately lying again. there is not a single reference to 'Jews as Jews' in my entire talk or in any of my writings. A scholarly  study of my talk in Stuttgart revealed that my talk was well within the boundaries of legitimacy.

Is it possible that Ali Abuimah has given up  on truth, is he now a compulsive liar?

 "The first thing I did the next day" write Abuinimah, "when it was my turn to speak, was to object publicly to Atzmon’s statements". What Abunimah forgot to tell his audience is that his laughable 'objection' was debunked by Cambrige Academic Blake Alcott. and also by me in the following video.

The real question here is why is he lying? People always lie for a reason. Who does he try to save? Is it the people in Gaza or Jenin? I doubt it...