Israel Vows To Use Veto Power If Chuck Hagel Confirmed As U.S. Secretary Of Defense

The Onion (a spoof publication) reports that “top-ranking government officials in Jerusalem confirmed Tuesday that Israel would exercise its longstanding, constitutionally granted veto power over American policy if U.S. lawmakers confirmed retired congressman Chuck Hagel as the United States’ next Secretary of Defense.” Israeli government spokesperson Mark Regev is quoted saying “In light of Mr. Hagel’s worrying remarks on Israeli-Palestinian relations and questionable classification of Israeli interests as ‘the Jewish lobby,’ we consider him a highly inappropriate choice for Defense Secretary who stands far out of line with our national priorities, and therefore we are prepared to swiftly and resolutely use our official veto power over this U.S. action.”

According to The Onion,  "sources confirmed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had sent the White House a list of three individuals the Israeli leader considered appropriate to head the American military from which U.S. President Barack Obama could choose."

I must admit that it all sound genuine rather than 'conspiratorial', 'phantasmic' or 'funny'. The messages is clear – it isn't a joke.  Time is ripe for America’s liberation.