Israeli Jews Pray for Peace Failure

United Against Kerry...

Comment by Gilad Atzmon: If you really want to understand the current Israeli Rabbis attack on Secretary of State John Kerry and the special occasion in which it takes place, please review my article on the meaning of Purim and the Book of Esther - Counterpunch's 2007 Purim SpecialFrom Esther to AIPAC. 


As the Rabbis confirm below, the Book of Esther is there to teach the Jew how to dominate Goyim’s politics. Back in 2007 I was denounced for exposing the true meaning of Purim and The Book Of Esther. However, the Rabbis Letter's  closing paragraph confirms that my analysis was spot on.  We are dealing here with a totalitarian identity discourse that is driven by crude Judeo-centric supremacy.

Israeli Arutz 7 reports

Rabbis Threaten Kerry with 'Divine Wrath'

"A group called Rabbis from the Committee to Save the Land and People of Israel sent a letter to US Secretary of State John Kerry this Sunday, warning him to end his "antagonism" towards Israel.

The rabbis sharply criticized Kerry for his plans to establish an Arab capital in Jerusalem for Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, and to have Israel withdraw to the 1949 Armistice lines. On Saturday, Kerry threatened Israel with an international boycott if peace talks fail, in addition to previous threats of a "Third Intifada" last year.

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