Jeff Blankfort on Max Blumenthal and The Zionification of Palestine

"Blumenthal seems to be following the inevitable path of secular, self-identified "anti-Zionists," who gain credibility by taking a stand as "another Jew against Zionism," as opposed to "another civilized, conscious human being against Zionism," and who, after establishing their "anti-Zionist" credentials with their fellow poseurs as well as Palestinians, soon set their sights on whom they consider "anti-Semites" in the movement who just happen to be those who are pulling their covers like Gilad has done.

Having spent more than 40 years working on this issue, I can say, with sufficient evidence, documentation, etc., that the Palestine solidarity movement has been dominated by Jews who identify themselves either as anti-Zionist or non-Zionist and who have thus been able to define the parameters in which Zionism and Jewish responsibility for Zionism and Israel's crimes may be discussed or not discussed.

At the same time, there has been absolutely NO measurable achievement by the solidarity movement either in occupied Palestine or in the US where the Israel Lobby, which the aforementioned movement Jews ignore, is today stronger than ever. These infiltrators will not even recognize that Congress is Israeli occupied territory.

In other words, the Palestine Solidarity movement has been an utter failure. That's from the non-colonized Palestinian point of view. From the Israeli perspective, it has succeeded admirably. The outfront Zionist would probably say, albeit, quietly, that Max has done them a service.

Rather than prattle on about "anti-Semitism," it might be more useful to begin examining what might be called Jewish "anti-Gentilism" which lies at the roots of Zionism"