Jewish Man pleads guilty to assault on MP George Galloway

Not a single British paper was brave enough to report on this court case except the ultra Zionist JC.

"A Jewish carer has admitted punching and kicking George Galloway, leaving him with a broken rib.

Neil Masterson pleaded guilty to causing the Respect MP actual bodily harm, at a hearing at Isleworth Crown Court today."

"A charge of religiously aggravated assault against him was dropped."

"During an earlier hearing in September, prosecutor Douglas Adams quoted Masterson as saying he "carried out the attack because he felt the victim was an enemy of Judaism".

Mr Douglas said that Masterson told the police: "I didn't want him to think I'm scared, Galloway is antisemitic and I am Jewish."

But at today’s hearing, prosecutors decided there was insufficient evidence to proceed with a charge of religiously aggravated assault."

I am left puzzled, if the above is not a literal description of a religiously aggravated assault, what would make such an assault?