Jews Talking To Themselves 1

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: According to Golan Azulai, everything Israel is doing is nothing but  ‘legal’.  Azulai  is obviously wrong. But you may note that the Hasbara man cannot distinguish between ‘the legal’ and ‘the ethical’. This is indeed a fundamental problem within the Jewish discourse both secular and religious.

Judaism is the acceptance of God’s law. It is not an ethically oriented precept- it is a religious method of blind observance. Tragically enough, Zionism that was there initially  to ‘liberate’ the Jew is, in practice,  just another method of blind observance.  In a  Talmudic manner,  Zionism would cling to legalism and avoid any form of ethical thinking. This fact alone explains why Israel is the biggest threat to humanity and humanism.     



If you want to grasp Israeli morbidity, just  get yourself a copy of The Wandering Who on  or