Kerry Warns Israel, Boycott Around The Corner

Ynet reported today: "While still expressing much optimism regarding imminent deal, US secretary of state warns Israel runs great risks, only has momentary security that is bound to change if peace talks with Palestinians flounder

However, Israeli Economy Minister and Habayit Hayehudi leader Naftali Bennett criticized  Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday.

"Friends, let us be clear to all of the advice givers: Never has a nation abandoned their land because of economic threats. We are no different," Bennett said in a statement. "Only security will bring economic stability, not a terrorist state next to Ben-Gurion Airport." He added: "We expect our friends around the world to stand beside us, against anti-Semitic boycott efforts targeting Israel, and not for them to be their amplifier. We have always known how to stay strong and today we will know how to remain strong."

Will America impose sanctions on Israel,  I hope it does, but I don't hold my breath.