Kosher PSC Exposed Once Again!

A few days ago one of my readers posted a comment by me on PSC York' website. It was referring to BBC's censorship of Nigel Kennedy Apartheid comments .


Gilad Atzmon’s comment (originally published here ):

"The BBC was reportedly set to cut out remarks about apartheid in Israel made by world famous violinist  Nigel Kennedy two weeks ago at the Proms Music Festival. Would the BBC leave Kennedy’s comment in, no one would have noticed it. But now, we are all paying attention to Kennedy’s observation.  But we also learn a crucial lesson about Jewish power in Britain in general and within the BBC in particular!"

However, within a short while the message was removed by PSC York's local commissar.  The reasoning is given below.

It seems as if the UK PSC is operating shamelessly  as an extended progressive synagogue. Different kinds of politically identified Jewish groups (A.K.A AZZ) are deciding who is 'in' and who is 'out'. I can't decide whether this is amusing or tragic, yet one thing is clear, it has nothing to do with open discourse, freedom of thought or pluralism of any sort. It is a dead end. 

PSC Message.....

Gilad Atzmon's remarks in this article are openly anti semitic.
The whole of the movement, including the Palestinian National Boycott Committee asked us to distance ourselves from anti semitism. Omar Bargouti made an impassioned call at the AGM of PSC two years explaining the immense harm that is done to the Palestinian cause by anti semitic racism.
All the pro boycott Jewish organisations, like Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods and the International Jewish anti Zionist network have asked us not to work with Atzmon.
If you want the background read Tony Greensteins  blog on Atzmon, he has a long archive of material.
It was decided some years ago that in support of the Palestinian BNCC (sic) call, we would not reproduce Atzmon's articles, so please do not post his stuff again. I had not noticed it until I got two complaints this morning
PSC York