landmark victory For a Change

BY Gilad Atzmon

Cafe Palestine Freiburg won a landmark victory against Freiburg University in the German administrative court last Friday.

Six months ago Café Palestine filed  a complaint against the University in the Administrative Court following the University´s refusal to let the Palestinian solidarity group use a space for a lecture by Paris University professor Christophe Oberlin.

On Friday, the  Administrative Court of Freiburg  made of five judges found that the University  acted illegally. 

Freiburg University together with Dr. Heinrich Schwendemann, who was the main actor against the Café,  were highly criticized by the court.  Schwendemann is one of the founders of the German Holocaust memorial site

As far as I am aware the University will have to pay all costs involve in the legal proceedings. I guess that Dr. Schwendemann may need to consult with a legal expert soon. Apparently the Shoa expert was lying in court and he may face a further legal  humiliation soon.


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