Laura Stuart: Richard Desmond the Community Services Trust, The Daily Star and the Anti Muslim Agenda

Two days ago I wrote an article "Can the Solidarity Movement Contain Apologists"?, where I highlighted the fact that the issue of Zionist oppression is not only inflicted on the Palestinians, but Zionist lobby groups and Zionist funding is behind the push for never ending war in the Middle East and the "Cold War on British Muslims" here in the U.K. and even in the U.S.A. 

No one should look at the "Palestinian Struggle" as an isolated incidence of the failure of the World's governments to stand up for Freedom Truth and Justice by their inability or lack of will to make Israel comply with International Law but we must see the bigger picture for example where America breaks its own constitution such as the suspension of "Habeas Corpus" for extra judicial killings such as Anwar Al Awlaki or the cases of Guantanamo Prisoners. The spying on American Muslims in New York is also in contravention of New York States own laws.

So laws are clearly broken when it comes to how to deal with issues relating to the rights of Muslims be it U.K. Muslims in Guantanamo, especially those who were subject to extra ordinary rendition and torture on their way there, with the complicity of MI5 or evidently in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen or Palestine as just some of the places where instant death rains from the skies from drone attacks which kill many innocent civilians or in Iraq where the death toll could be one and a half million or more. Now the Zionist agenda is for another war against Iran where there is a huge push by Israel and western Zionists lobby groups to get the U.S.A. and the U.K. involved in more killing based on very dubious evidence.

Now we have a new development, we have the Leveson Inquiry taking place "the inquiry is two-part inquiry investigating the role of the press and police in the phone-hacking scandal" and some very interesting details are emerging into the level which some media have been prepared to sink to in vilifying and maligning  British Muslims. Here a link to the proceedings on the 29th November where Richard Peppiate a former employee at the Daily star gives evidence into a story about "Muslim Only Toilets" which was a huge lie. Many stories carried in the British Media such as the Daily Star about British Muslims have been totally untrue according to the transcripts available from the inquiry. The Daily Star who is heavily engaged in telling outright lies against British Muslims is owned by Richard Desmond and amazingly enough just who is a funder of the Community Services Trust but no other than one Mr Richard Desmond.

Why am I so surprised that the C.S.T. the group which provided fabricated evidence in the case of the wrongful arrest of Sheik Raed Salah and who also wishes to be the advisers to everyone including the British Government on who is anti Semitic and who is not and the Daily Star who allegedly write stories based on lies against Muslims are linked by who backs them, i.e. one Richard Desmond?

I am sure the Leveson enquiry might reveal a lot more information about the role of Zionists in the media in the U.K. and exactly what their role is in demonising Muslims or promoting Pro Israeli interests. Many of us are watching proceedings with great interest.

Now that we can see the reach and power of the Zionist lobby groups and media we need to take action against it. We are talking about a lot of law breaking and a lot of human beings suffering from oppression as a result. Who is going to hold our Governments accountable? This is a Global struggle (Jihad) and it needs the expertise and involvement of people from every level of society every religious background and from every strand of political background.

One thing is clear, we cannot afford to be intimidated and we have to take resist at every level against these abuses both here in the U.K. and in the Middle East. This is not the time for appeasement.