Lauren Booth - Jerusalem MPs demand Justice

'When the Israeli security agencies began their aggressive campaign against the PLC candidates, the men refused to be intimidated. Declaring the start of their electoral campaign from inside Al-Aqsa Mosque. As a result, they earned the trust of Jerusalemites, leading to the their election to the PLC.

As soon as the MP’s were successfully elected, the Israeli occupation authority began seeking measures with which to imprison or remove the MP’s permanently from their home city, Jerusalem.

This was not legally possible. The ‘Entry into Israel Law 1952’, does not provide occupation authorities with the justification to deport MP›s, or any other Palestinians, from Jerusalem.

However, the Israeli Interior Minister, Ronnie Bar, sought to enforce the MP’s deportation, under a new initiative. An illegal action, whereby the occupier expels Palestinians from Jerusalem, for «disloyalty» to the Israeli authority.

According to the rhetoric of Bar, the MP›s resided in ‘Israel’ (not Palestine). Therefore, they must pledge their loyalty to the Israeli occupation authority, in order to remain. Furthermore, Bar put forward that the MP’s membership of the Palestinian Legislative Council (a foreign parliament) proved their loyalty lay elsewhere, thus making them guilty of treachery to the Israeli authority, deserving permanent expulsion from Jerusalem.

But there is a problem with all of Bar’s aggressive rhetoric;. A small thing known as; international law.

Under International law (Security Council resolution 242 and 338 and other resolutions), Jerusalem is an Occupied Palestinian city - not an Israeli city. Therefore, International laws and statues must apply and Israeli political legislation (or wishful thinking), does not.

Furthermore, it is clear that, as stated in Article 45 of the Hague Regulations, 1907:

‘An occupying power, is prohibited from compelling residents, of the territory occupied from pledging loyalty, to them’.