Les Visible On The Seek-Speak and Spread Truth Conference.


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Wow! What can I say? By any standards, the Seek-Speak-Spread Truth conference was a rousing success. For this, massive kudos must go to Tahra with the able assistance of Tyler Vincent, James and Steven along with Tom Fry and Anthony doing the video which you will see shortly somewhere. I'll link it when possible.

Visible with Able-MayWe'll forget about my presentation. It's not my place to comment on it. Someone or several someone's will come around with their two pence at some point.

Alan Hart started it off and was lucid and very well informed. After that the day took off and never stopped. Ken Shott came up and did a slideshow about his amazing work in Sweden. The amount of work and industry put out by himself and his associates is impressive. There are a lot of good things going on on this planet.

I had an epiphany of sorts at the conference where my former perceptions about someone did a big 180. In keeping with Visble's Full Disclosure Act of 2003, I'm left with no choice. I'd had certain reservations about Gilad Atzmon, on the publicity end and Litmus Test end and what I found in real life was a larger than life personality, which canceled out my concern on the first concern and made moot my second concern. Gilad is, as best I can tell, a social philosopher. That's the best definition I can come up with. He's also an, off the charts, jazz musician. He's a consummate showman as well as a very articulate and subtle speaker. I was impressed and I am not easily impressed. He's also a generous soul who came over to me and laid his books and a musical CD on me, following my moments on the dais.

I missed David Messenger, I'm sorry to say but... it was 12 hours of non-stop action, except for lunch and there were all kinds of people I was supposed to speak to; had no choice but to speak to (grin) and this is just how it wound up. I came and went without thinking about who was or wasn't coming next because it was a terrifically high energy scene, still, I managed to catch most everyone.

Ken O'Keefe followed Gilad and continued in the spirit of the extemporaneous, which seemed to be the order of the day for nearly all of us. You hardly ever see anyone speaking off the cuff anymore. They're either reading directly from a script or a teleprompter and it's also usually nothing but lies. Ken was as lucid as anyone I've ever seen in my life; clear and sustained power of precisely organized thought. That's how it comes to my mind now, on reflection.

Tyler read a moving poem then, I think it was then (grin) and at various times in the day they would take an opportunity to play one of Patrick Willis's renderings of some of my blog postings. They closed it out with “ A Place Called Gratitude”. Following that we all relocated to the dining room, bar area where Gilad and a couple of supporting musicians played their asses off. All in all it was an amazing day. There was a seriously celebratory mood taking place at the end which I figured it was best if I missed most of it, so I left with Dr. Richard for his place in Forrest Grove, where I actually managed to get some rest. I'd only had a couple of hours the night before and was planning on not sleeping this night either since my plane left early on Sunday morning but Richard invited me to his home and I got a few more hours. I was pretty exhausted when I finally got home... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

It occurred to me that any number of people might have been expecting any kind of results from the day. I'm pretty sure it passed everyone's expectations, positive wise. All of us who were able to participate feel a great deal of gratitude toward Tahra in the aftermath.

Like I've been saying, things have changed and dramatically so. The most amazing feature of the whole affair was that not a single Hasbara shill showed up at the event. That is nigh on unheard of. We were sayanim-free, there in the belly of the beast.

My great thanks to all of you who remain unnamed. Thank you for your exquisite generosity and unqualified support!!! We will do it again. I probably should be living in the U.K. despite the political situation. The quality of humanity there is incredible.

I'm going to cut it short here today. I'm pretty frazzled; overdosed on human contact, given that I spend my days pretty much alone, pretty much all of the time. I do believe I will go take a nap. Thank you one and all.

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