Michael Gove and the Holocaust

By Gilad Atzmon

TheGuardian of Zionreported yesterday that: “Tory chief whip attacks protesters' response to Gaza conflict and comparisons between Israel's actions and Nazi war crimes”

Michael Gove stated,  “too many people are conflating legitimate criticism of Israel's general policies with straightforward anti-Semitism?"  It would be enlightening to learn from Gove how he suggests that one formulate an appropriate kosher criticism of the Jewish State and its Jewish lobbies without being tagged as an anti-Semite. Is criticism of the fact that 80% of Tory MPs (Gove included)  are friends of Israel a legitimate criticism of the Jewish state and its power? Is the fact that 80% of the British conservative MPS care about Tel Aviv,  but  not  one of them has paid enough attention to Glasgow or Paisley a valid criticism? Or is any such critique classified as Jew hatred that I will be accused of spewing once again.

Ignoramus ex-Secretary of State for Education Gove said, “protesters who are boycotting Israeli goods overGazaneed to be reminded that the Nazi campaign against Jewish goods ended with a campaign against Jewish lives.” The facts suggest the opposite. It was the 1933 Jewish boycott of German goodsthat led to the most severe measures against German Jews and later European Jewry.

It would be helpful if British politicians who decide to lecture us about  European and Jewish history  exhibit a minimal command of the history of the 20th century. It would be even more helpful if The Guardian of Zion chose to reestablish its position as the Guardian of the truth and offer a critique of the phlegmatic politician instead of blowing the Zionist Shofar.