Muslim Brotherhood: peace with Israel isn't binding Atzmon: According the Israeli Ynet,  Rashad al-Bayoumi, a leader within the  Muslim Brotherhood says that the Egyptian Party won't recognize Israel under any circumstances, and might put up peace treaty with 'Zionist entity' up to referendum. 'Israel is enemy entity'. According to Ynet, al-Bayoumi expressed those views in the Arabic Al-Hayat newspaper.  

"Is rising to power conditional on recognizing Israel?" al-Bayoumi wondered. "That's out of the question, no matter what the situation is. On no condition will we recognize Israel. It is an enemy entity, an exploiting, criminal occupier."

According to al-Bayoumi, no member of the Muslim Brotherhood will ever meet with Israelis. "I won't allow myself to sit down with a criminal," he said. "We won't cooperate with Israel in any situation."

I guess that the meaning of it is pretty simple- the Jewish State is a fading concept, it belongs to History.  

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