Nahida Izzat: The Use of Character Defamation as a Political Tool

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: once again Nhida Izzat exposes the destructive role of some of the so called Jewish 'anti' Zionists within our movement. Enough is enough. If  Sam Semoff or any other Jewish 'anti' Zionists  AKA AZZ (Anti Zionist Zionists) are really interested in controlling the discourse, they better join the ADL and leave us alone!!!

On the 14 December I received this email from Sam S. one of the founders of our local group of "Jews for Peace and Justice".

I am sharing his email with my readership to give people the opportunity to see an example of the dishonourable methods of ad hominem attacks and character assassination, used (in this case against me) to stifle the debate. Pursuing their objectives, they stop at nothing; in this incident, they even try to exploit my personal pain and sorrow for the loss of my late beloved husband as a way to intimidate me into silence. All I can say is that I find their tricks nauseating and sick to the core.

Please read my comment following Sam S. email (Emphasis mine):


From: Sam S.
Date: 14 December 2011 01:20
Subject: Unchallenged Lies
To: Nahida

Dear Nahida,

You will be aware that over the last couple of years I have not been directly involved with the various issues that have lead to an emerging schism between you and certain members of ...... Friends of Palestine. However the review by Gilad Atzmon of David Landy’s book “Jewish Identity & Palestinian Rights – Diaspora Jewish Opposition to Israel”, which appears on “Uprooted Palestinians” leaves me no choice but to speak out.

I refer to the third and fourth sentences of the eighth paragraph, which are as follows:

Admired Palestinian poet and writer Nahida Izatt was also cleansed. This time it was no Israeli or a ‘Zionist’ who barred her from her local Palestinian solidarity group …...

The assertion that you were “cleansed” and “barred” from ...... Friends of Palestine is a blatant lie as you well know. Your consort may have not been allowed to record a meeting which you were unable to attend or certain articles from the Group’s website, to which people have objected, may have been removed while the matter is being investigated. However to twist this into being “cleansed” and “barred” is a total misrepresentation of what happened.

Yet you allow this rubbish on “Uprooted Palestinians”. What in the world has happened to you? Where is the Nahida who for years we all loved and respected as a sincere, sensitive and most levelheaded person? You tell people that Gaza changed you but I find it hard to believe that Gaza has caused you to sink to the depths where you can countenance the appearance of such lies as in the Atzmon review.

I might be tempted to follow your line of reasoning, which claims that Judaism is responsible for the settlers ethnically cleansing the Palestinians, and claim that Islam is responsible for your accepting that which you know to be untrue. But having known “the old Nahida” and Khalid I know this clearly is not the case.

I can only wonder what Khalid would make of all this and wish that he were here to resurrect the Nahida I once knew.


S... S...


Nahida’s comment:

After more than two years of evasion, shunning and ostracism, and after the failure of the defamation and smear campaign used by his consorts, Sam S. pops up on the scene. Not to wish me well or to ask about my health after a major surgery, and not to apologize and show remorse for being heavily involved in causing harm to my family two years ago, but to cause even more hurt and rub more salt on the wound.

With a sinister heartless move, using carefully chosen words and employing emotional manipulation, psychological pressure, and dishonourable use of the memory of my beloved husband Khaled, while knowing fair well the immeasurable amount of pain and hurt that such highly charged, extremely insensitive words would cause, Sam S. ends his letter with: "I can only wonder what Khalid would make of all this and wish that he were here to resurrect the Nahida I once knew".

Being familiar with my private life through my open nature, Sam S. misuses this entrusted knowledge of my deep love and admiration of my late husband Khaled, to psychologically manipulate and pressurize me in order to influence my political views and quieten my voice. By doing so he aims to suppress information which I deem crucial to the success and advancement of our Palestinian cause.

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