No Bed for History Revisionists

By Gilad Atzmon 

The Algemeiner, certainly the most revolting Jewish media outlet around, announced today that the German hotel industry is giving a cold shoulder to David Irving. Consequently the history revisionist is ‘unlikely to find a room in Berlin.’

After plans by Irving to return this September to speak at a $120-a-head dinner were revealed, a campaign by Green Party Bundestag member Volker Beck called on hotels in the German capital not to allow the speaker to book a room. According to the Jewish media outlet, Berlin’s hotel and restaurant association responded positively to the campaign, urging its members not to allow Irving to book a room.

The Berlin hoteliers association told its members “Please don’t give any ‘room’ to right-wing extremist propaganda.”

The left has been using the ‘no platform’ tactics for more than a while. It attempts to block speakers, academics, artists and intellectuals who don’t ‘fit in’ from sharing their thoughts with the public. Evidently this approach has now matured into a new phase – the  ‘no bed’ strategy.

I must admit that it is pretty amusing to witness the political and cultural continuum between hard core Zionists and the so-called ‘liberals’. For more than a while, this unified lobby has been fighting freedom of speech and other elementary and precious rights. The anti-free speech call " Give no quarter" has been transformed now from a metaphor into a literal directive: no quarter, no room, no bed. This campaign against Irving’s ‘right for a bed’ is nothing short of hysteria.

I guess that very soon the German Hotel industry will have to issue kosher certificates – a blue and white card that would entitle its holders for a ‘night in’ and a continental breakfast.

Welcome to the Judified World driven by Biblical Herem.

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