On my way to Japan...

22-30 Japan Summer Tour

22 Osaka Concert with Eric Weigman, Namba, Jazz Spot 845, Osaka, Japan

23-  8 pm, Gilad Atzmon Trio, Kamihikouki Cafe, Sapporo, Japan Japan

24 Lecture at the Sapporo University 

24 Lunch time concert at Otaru University of Commerce

25 A talk and a concert (Hakon Storm Guitar, Eric Wiegmann dr)  at the Little Clover, Osaka, Japan

26-27  With Norman Watt Roy @ Fuji Rock, Japan

28 Gilad Atzmon Trio The Royal Horse, Osaka, Japan

29  The Power Cats (Asaf Sirkis, Ross Stanley & Gilad Atzmon) Yorozuyasobe,  Kobe

30 With Norman Watt Roy in Kyoto

31 With Shez Raja at The Hideaway, London


2 Gilad Atzmon & the OHE @ Passing Cloud, East London

7 Gilad Atzmon & the OHE featuring American Guitar Star Saul Rubin (Playing cureently with Sonny Rollins' band)  at the Pizza Express Jazz Club, London

8-15 The best Jazz workshop in Europe - Saarwellingen Music Workshop, Saarwellingen, Germany  (An integrated Workshop and a music festival)

25-26 Gilad with Strings, a tribute to Charlie Parker, Ronnie Scott’s,  London

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