Oy Vey, Finally a conclusive evidence of me being an ANTI SEMITE

Notorious Zionist, pro-war and Islamophobia Award Winning Harry's Place have found the final evidence which proves that I am indeed an 'anti Semite'!!!

This is a glimpse into  Zionist hysteria

Judge for yourself


Update: this was sent by Gary Keenan-"During late April and early May 1948 (before Israel was declared a state), in accordance with Plan Dalet and as instructed by the Jewish Agency (led by Polish born David Ben-Gurion), well armed Jewish forces (mainly Irgun and Haganah/Palmach) expelled 60,000 essentially defenceless Palestinians from Haifa and 70,000 from Jaffa.  Many were forced to flee on flimsy boats while Jewish snipers shot at them on the docks, killing several.  Scores drowned at sea.

In short, Palestinians were actually "thrown into the sea" by the Zionists."

I would add here that the Zionist phobia of being 'thrown into the sea' may as well be a crud and banal projection.



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