Palestine Solidarity Campaign Infiltrated by Zionists

By Laura Stuart
Today as I was searching pro Israel /anti Muslim websites I discovered that Stand for Peace has been taken over by one Sam Westrop. Hasan Afzal the previous leader and owner of the British Muslims for Israel website has apparently stepped down from his role of hypocritically claiming to stand for freedom of speech whilst running campaigns to prevent Muslim clerics from speaking at venues up and down the U.K.

So who is Sam Westrop? We can read all about him in this piece in the Jewish Telegraph last year. “Only 22, but Sam leads fight against the Israel bashers

 Not only is he an avid Israel supporter he also makes the following astounding statement

"We have people inside the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. We know a lot of stuff before it's announced. We stop societies from inviting them.":-

Those of us who have observed the P.S.C. becoming ever more kosher  and increasingly involved in Zionist issues will not be at all surprised.