Palestine Solidarity Membership Application (satire)

Sent by Penin Diaz

Thank you for your interest in joining the Palestine Solidarity Movement (not affiliated with Palestinian liberation movements).  In order to assure that you are suitable for the movement, please answer the following questions for consideration by the Screening Committee.





1.   ¨yes ¨no

Are you committed to liberating Palestine?

2.   ¨yes ¨no

Do you support the liberation of all Arab land or only that which was occupied in June, 1967?

3.   ¨yes ¨no

Do you affirm the right of Jews to form Jewish Palestine solidarity groups, anti-Zionist groups or other groups critical of Israel?

4.   ¨yes ¨no

Do you affirm the right of non-Jews to form non-Jewish Palestine solidarity groups, anti-Zionist groups or other groups critical of Israel?

5.   ¨yes ¨no

Do you oppose hypocrisy and double standards?

6.   ¨yes ¨no

Do you agree to be in solidarity with all Palestinians who sign a pledge against anti-Semitism and possibly other criteria?

7.   ¨yes ¨no

Do you agree that we will deal only with Palestinians that respect Jewish sensitivities?

8.   ¨yes ¨no

Do you agree that Palestinian spokespersons must be screened by solidarity organizations?

9.   ¨yes ¨no

Do you agree to avoid persons that are accused of anti-Semitic activity or speech until they are proven innocent?

10. ¨yes ¨no

Do you agree not to read anything written by persons accused of anti-Semitism until they produce (in writing) incontrovertible proof that they are not anti-Semitic?

11. ¨yes ¨no

Do you agree to criticize only Israeli and/or Zionist beliefs and actions and not the cause of such beliefs and actions?

12. ¨yes ¨no

Do you agree that the existing narrative on the Jewish Holocaust is impeccable and must never be questioned?

13. ¨yes ¨no

Do you agree to ostracize persons selected by the solidarity community for such treatment?

14. ¨yes ¨no

Do you accept to work with persons who define Palestine as land not yet confiscated by Israel?

15. ¨yes ¨no

Do you agree to work with persons that believe in separate but equal societies for Palestinians and Jews?

16. ¨yes ¨no

Do you agree to work with persons that reject the Palestinian Right of Return to all of Palestine?


Thank you for answering these questions about Palestine and for applying to be part of the community for the defense of Palestinian rights.  We are committed to Palestinian values above all else.