Paul Larudee on the Abunimah - Berlin Affair

Dispel the Doubts?  What Doubts?
I am not going to waste my time trying to liberate Palestine by prosecuting Greta Berlin for the offense of – in essence – turning onto a one-way street against the traffic.
Doing so gets a lot of attention, and the drivers heading towards you will say a lot of nasty things.  However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you secretly harbor a desire to sabotage the traffic or that you are part of a movement to end one-way streets.  It means that you weren't paying attention to the road signs.
Greta has apologized for the error.  According to Ali Abunimah, however,  “many people” want to “dispel the doubts” by having Greta publish the full conversation in which the offending video link occurs.
What doubts?
This is not a rhetorical question.  What exactly is the accusation, if any?  I have to stretch my imagination quite a bit to even guess the intention of this statement.  That Greta is a closet racist?  A spy?
Or is this just a fishing expedition?  A grand jury?  A House Unpalestinian Activities Committee investigation, looking for anything that might lead to an indictment?

What Ali and Co. are asking (to continue the analogy) is to know who else was in the car, what the contents of the trunk (boot) may have been, the car specifications and legal ownership, any outstanding liens, the time of day and weather conditions, etc.
I disagree with Greta on substantive issues and other real concerns, but that is just the point.  Let us disagree on and discuss substance, not this foolishness.  There is enough disunity already.  Can we please set these matters aside and just liberate Palestine?