Press TV: US signaling to Israel by denying visas

The United States is sending signals to Israel that “it is far from being at the Israeli conduct” by denying visa requests from hundreds of Israeli military and intelligence officials, an activist says.

“I think the American administration realized by now that they were gambling and for more than a while on the wrong horse,” Gilad Atzmon told Press TV in a phone interview on Thursday.

He made the remarks after a report said Washington refused to grant visas to Israeli officials over the past year.

According to the report published in the Hebrew-language daily Maariv, Washington is also giving short-term visas to Israeli army officials who are already in the US or making some of them leave for Canada to get their visas renewed after weeks.

“They can see that their approach to the Syrian conflict was completely wrong. They followed the Israeli line,” the activist said. “This unique Wahhabi-Israeli-American” strategy “led nowhere.”

“America started to acknowledge that Iran is the real superpower in the region and moving toward better relationship with Iran would obviously mean deterioration of the relationship with Israel in spite of the Jewish lobby and in spite of the Jewish pressure in America,” he added.