Professing the Crusade: Shedding Light on Come from the Shadows by C. L. Cook

An expose of just another 'moral' interventionist

I recently interviewed Terry Glavin, author of 'Come from the Shadows: the long and lonely struggle for peace in Afghanistan.'
The book is a treatise arguing a necessary continuation of the decades-old war the "West" has waged against "Islamists" and "fascists" in Afghanistan.
Here is a link to an audio file of the interview. (Square brackets indicate the time where a given quote can be accessed. Glavin's segment begins at [35:30]).

Glavin is a Canadian, particularly concerned with Canada's continued contribution to 'The Mission' in Afghanistan. He uses that nation's abject suffering at the hands of the Taliban as justification for the largely unrecorded ISAF slaughter of civilians in their thousands through night raids, drone missile attacks, deaths in custody by torture, (at the hands of Afghan police, military, and the internal security apparatus) and summary execution of suspect "militants."
His mission, he says, is to speak for Afghanistan's women, bringing them universal suffrage and equal rights.