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Gilad Atzmon: It seems as if some Jews really like my new book. I may even manage to get the necessary message across. However, the man behind Rainlore World Of Music is a pretty unique character. I hope Harry's Place & Co are not going to terrorise him for being honest.


Literary Review: Gilad Atzmon - The Wandering Who? - A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics


A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics

zero books, 2011

ISBN-10: 1846948754

ISBN-13: 978-1846948756

 Gilad Atzmon is a man on what could be described as a holy quest: he is a true seeker of truth, beauty and freedom. This is, and always has been, a dangerous path to tread. But Atzmon is a genuinely courageous man, far beyond mere chutzpah, and even if for nothing else you have to admire, even envy him for this. The Wandering Who? is his latest endeavour to share this search for truth and freedom.

It is published by zero books on 4th October, 2011 and should be widely available through book stores and online sources such as Amazon.

“Liberty, if it means anything, is the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear.” This is the boldly stated 'mission statement' emblazoned on the racist 'Harry's Place' web page. And yet, with Atzmon's book not even available for several weeks yet, it was the same 'Harry's Place' that was at the forefront of a campaign against both author and work! The publishers, Zero Books, the editors, and Atzmon himself have already been, to quote the author, 'subjected to immense and intense pressure that included harassment, intimidation, and even anonymous threats, as the demands mounted on my publisher to pull the book.'

Atzmon and The Wandering Who? are obviously very dangerous. Or at least, are perceived as such by the people concerned. That really beggars the question, what exactly is it that these Israel-supporters, Zionists, Jewish Anti-Zionists, hasbarah (propaganda) writers and assorted others, are so terrified of? How is it that Atzmon, at least as much renowned as a leading jazz musician as for being an activist, and his Study of Jewish Identity Politics strike such terror into the hearts of these people that it appears to make them quake in their (jack-) boots?

At this point, before endeavouring to find the answers to these questions, it is perhaps as well to interject a dire warning that all this seems to conjure up. 'Beware the book burners!'

As for the answers to the questions raised above, they are to be found easily enough in the pages of Atzmon's The Wandering Who? - A Study of Jewish Identity Politics itself. It is Atzmon's quest for truth and his exposure of, for many uncomfortable, truths that is so dangerous. Atzmon here explores issues of Jewish identity, Jewish-ness, Zionism, Jewish anti-Zionism, Jewish politics - whether left, right or centre - Jewish history, Israeli history, Israel, and much else through autobiographical observations, philosophical (Atzmon also holds a Master's degree in philosophy, among his many accomplishments), historical and other scholarly arguments and explorations.

In this process, Atzmon reveals an integrity and courage for truth that is so sadly and appallingly lacking among modern Western intellectuals who are generally more concerned with political correctness. The Wandering Who? is deeply insightful as well as highly illuminating. Indeed, it should be read even more by Jews and Atzmon's detractors generally than by a non-Jewish readership. Some of the insights provided by Atzmon may be highly uncomfortable, disturbing or even shocking, possibly to both Jew and gentile alike, but truth rarely is very comfortable. More than anything, in The Wandering Who? Atzmon acts as a facilitator, much as a psycho-analyst does, and enables us to look in the mirror to see truth and help provide us with insight. We may accept what we see in the mirror, or we may reject it, at our peril. Reflection and discussion are thereby made possible and positively encouraged.

Gilad Atzmon's The Wandering Who? is a brilliant, courageous study as well as critical reflection on Jewish ethnocentrism that provides revealing and profound insights into the neo-ghetto mentality and politics of both the perceived Jewish Diaspora and the Israeli Jewish state. It is superbly well written with an innocent heart and mind yet razorsharp, mercilessly honest intellect, and full of wit, at once thought-provoking and provocative, as indeed one would expect from this author. The Wandering Who? is an engaging and persuasive delight to the seeker of truth. And this is, indeed, a very dangerous book. This is Atzmon at his most illuminating, erudite yet accessible best!

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