Rich Siegel-The Way to Peace (New Album)

Gilad Atzmon: I took part in the production of Rich's new album and I highly recommend it to music lovers and people who care about justice and Palestine.
Rich Siegel - The Way to Peace

“The Way to Peace” by Rich Siegel


Combining jazz/cabaret music with social justice, this anti-Zionist activist sings about Palestine, peace and justice, and a better world for our children. Includes the hit “In Palestine” (link to video below).

Product Description

New CD release by pianist/vocalist/songwriter Rich Siegel, featuring Gilad Atzmon (woodwinds), Eugene Moye (cello), Gary Ciuci (guitar), Cameron Brown (bass), and Anthony Pinciotti (drums). This CD features vocals in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Hebrew and features a new cello arrangement of “In Palestine.”

“I sought a marriage of spirituality and peace activism, combining my originals with some extraordinary cover material, notably by New York composer Kirk Nurock and Lebanese composer Ahmad Kaabour, as well as others.”

Release Date: December 12th, 2011
Pre-order now and receive it by December 15th in the USA and by Dec. 24th elsewhere.

Track Listing:
1. This Moment
2. I’ll Meet You There
3. The Way to Peace
4. One Truth Many Paths/The Shema
5. How Do We Teach the Children?
6. Help Is On the Way/Nuestra Ayuda Llegara
7. Shams el Aghani
8. In Palestine (click for video)
9. You Are the Stars
10. Lo Yissa Goy
11. What a Wonderful World
12. Row Row Row Your Boat

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Cover art by Rich’s daughter, Emily Gu Siegel, age 6.