Russian Spring Cancelled – Nyet to NGOs

introduction  by Gilad Atzmon:  Time is ripe to look into NGOs (non-governmental organizations), what they are and who stand behind them. In the following Deliberation piece, Jonathon Blackeley explores recent shift in Russian attitude towards NGOs. I may as well confess that in the last few weeks I have been looking into Palestinian NGOs and their funders. My findings are pretty concerning...

Russian Spring Cancelled – Nyet to NGOs

by Jonathon Blakeley

In a wonderfully chess-like move, the Russian Parliament skillfully moved to block attempts to de-stablize Russia by using NGOs to encourage dissent.  AlJaZeera reported today that a new law had been passed with only one vote against and one abstention. The law would limit the operation of NGOs in Russia. Specifically foreign-funded NGOs would have to declare that they are foreign agents on all their publicity materials.

But what are NGOs exactly?

No one describes the NGOs better than Phyllis Schlafly who has watched them for decades: “The NGOs are energetic lobbyists for dramatic changes in the mission and structure of the UN to achieve global governance.  Most NGOs are also members of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which originated many of the global environmental polices set forth in the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Convention on Climate Change, and Agenda 21.  The most prominent NGOs are the radical environmental groups such as the Sierra Club and the feminist and population-control groups such as Planned Parenthood.”

This Russian ruling against NGOs also links in a rather oblique way to another recent Court ruling in Russia which controversially banned Gay (LGBT) Parades for  the next 100 years. The two events are linked because it is through this kind of cultural marxism of the NGOs that countries are being taken over all around the world. It is plain to see and the Russians are no fools. The World Order has been using a variety of techniques to subvert and take over countries round the globe, economic hit-men, Cyberwar  & fake-liberation is very popular these days. But it turns out that Russian law change was only following in the foot-steps of those other great revolutionaries… The Iranians.

The Iranian parliament passed a bill in late March 2011 restricting the activities of NGOs and private organizations in Iran. The bill, which has become a source of grave concern for civil society activists in Iran will likely damage or halt entirely the activities of NGOs engaging in any endeavor that discomfits the Iranian regime.  You can find the English translation of the NGO Bill here.

The reason for this was that earlier in 2009 and afterwards Adam Werritty and others were using NGOs to encourage dissent and spread misinformation in Iran to create regime change. Liam Fox and Adam Werritty were operating an NGO called Atlantic Bridge  supposedly to foster better British-US relations but in reality they were plotting regime change through NGOs in Iran and by using social media to create hype and a potential coup. Much of this is extensively documented in Bill Noxid’s excellent article.

So NGO Friend of Foe?

This was the question that Daniel Mabsout asked 3 weeks ago on deliberation. In that article he made the point that NGOs are being used to promote peaceful activism and replace armed resistance. He makes the very very good point that this is being done to undermine any effective resistance and to totally render them irrelevant as a threat. It is no wonder then that Iran and now Russia have grown wise to NGOs being used in covert ways to achieve foreign aims.