Shabana Syed: Chance For Humanity

In the coming days I will be publishing feedbacks from last night panel event.

Gilad has managed to steer the international discourse through skill, knowledge and intellect into the most taboo subject in western countries, Jews and Israel. The meeting held in Central London on the subject of Zionism Jewishness and Israel headed by Gilad Atzmon included Alan Hart, Sameh Habeeb and Karl Sabbagh was a continuation of this discourse - a discourse that many Zionists and its Jewish supporters have tried to suppress.
In a world where one cant mention the 'J' word without being labelled anti Semitic Gilad not only mentions the J word  and Zionism but also attempts to highlight what is the driving force that fuels the criminal barabaric policies of the state of Israel.  According to Gilad "Jewish identity politics is foreign to humanism and universalism, it is tribal and has evolved as an outcome of an exilic culture."

The meeting was a breath of fresh air where democracy was in full swing, the one subject that is least discussed out of fear of being labelled an anti Semite, or due to Zionists suppressing any debate - was aired by a group of intellectuals, Jews and non Jews to understand  where was and is the humanity when thousands of Palestinians, women and children are being systematically killed, bombed and starved to death by Israel - why and how, as the bombs were raining down on Gaza, Israelis families sat on hill tops viewing and cheering the carnage while they were having a picnic? Why the Mavi Mara taking aid to Gaza was attacked by Israeli soldiers and 9 people were horrifically killed?

Instead of just calling the Israelis and its Jewish supporters around the world misguided or evil Gilad takes a step further to explain where this mode of behaviour stems from, he looks at the historical scriptural influences, and as he explains it " I come from them and I know how they think".
Gilads stance gives heart to Muslims who are suffering a violent form of Islamophobia and discrimination as a result of Zionists and its Jewish supporters propogating and perpetuating hatred against Muslims through a media to some extent owned and dominated by them and don’t be fooled there is method in their madness:The more hatred they ferment against Muslims the less there will be an uproar as they continue to annihilate the Palestinians.
Gilad is instigating a much needed debate which if a Muslim attempted, he or she would be called a terrorist or a Jihadist and dragged off to Guantanamo!!
If more and more people join this debate there may be a chance for humanity - thanks Gilad.