Shana Tova to Gene, Lenin, Harry's Place and all the rest

I feel obliged to correct myself and to apologize to ‘Richard Lenin Seymour Tomb’ and his allies within the Islamophobic Award Winning Harry’s Place Blog.

Yesterday morning I exposed Richard Seymour as a Zionist collaborator and I even published this comic image.



Apparently Gene, Harry’s Place’s Zionist cheerleader, wasn’t impressed. He  was offended by the exposure of his little Lenin  on Rosh Hashana eve. He wrote to me:

 “Well, Mr. Atzmon, let me vouch for Richard Seymour’s anti-Zionist credentials: I’ve been following his blog for years, and I can assure you that he hates Israel as much as anyone I’ve come across on the web.”

I indeed regret my obvious mistake. How could i miss it myself? I hope that the following images of Richard Seymour depict the true meaning and scope of Lenin's dedication to the 'anti Zionist cause'.


I hope that this would keep Gene, Lenin & ‘comrades’ happy at least till Yom Kipur.

Shana Tova from  Gilad Atzmon


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