Sky News Exclusive: Dieudonne Breaks Silence On Quenelle

In the following Sky report genius French comedian Dieudonne addresses  criticism  and rebuts charges of antisemitism leveled against him by the Jewish lobbie and its cronies. The comedian presents here a true humanist message that cannot be ignored.

In his first TV interview since Anelka's actions sparked the furore, Dieudonne M'bala M'bala exclusively told Sky News' Paul Harrison that neither he nor the West Bromwich Albion striker were racist or anti-Semitic.

"Nicolas Anelka has all my support, that's evident," he said.

"We see him as a brother in our humanity. He's someone who is very courageous and for whom I have very much respect and admiration.

The quenelle has been described as an "inverted Nazi salute" and photographs have emerged of people performing it outside the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp and at Holocaust memorials around the world.

Dieudonne said: "There's no hint of racism, racism is a bad thing."

"The quenelle was at the start an insult, a little like this, I'm not sure how you do it in England (performs 'up yours' gesture).

"In France, it's a gesture against the system."

He added that the use of the quenelle was linked to the history of slavery that affected his and Anelka's ancestors.

"Nicolas Anelka and I, we are French of African origin and this salute is a gesture of emancipation," he said.

"Anelka is a descendant of slaves and if he wants to remark on this history then he has the right to - and we are all very proud of him doing so.

"We are all behind him in solidarity  and we are above all proud of him because of his noble position. To us, he is a prince."