The Invention of the Jewish People vs. The Invention of Gilad Atzmon


By Gilad Atzmon

I tend to agree with Shlomo Sand that Jews invented themselves as a nation over a century ago. But it was interesting to find out this week that Naomi Wimborne Idrissi and her three Jewish Anti Zionist comrades AKA AZZ (anti Zionist Zionists) were desperate to invent Gilad Atzmon.

For me, the Jewish anti Zionists, exhibit the most amusing ideological  pathology of all Jewish collectives. On Monday morning, the Palestine Telegraph called Wimborne Idrissi and her mini clan not to picket my book launch.  Wimborne Idrissi, was, seemingly, deaf to the Palestinian call. In the evening she appeared along side another three of her comrades at the resource centre, London. They were not alone. There were another three allies who identified themselves initially as ISM but later had to admit that they were actually representing themselves and themselves only.

I actually went out of the conference centre to meet my adversaries. I wanted to invite them in to take part in the discussion. I thought to myself that if they have a valid criticism, they may well want it to be heard in public. I thought that more than anyone else, they should join the gathering and understand once and for all what my writing is all about and why more and more people regard the AZZ as the enemy within.

Attempting to engage with those ‘progressive’ minds in the street, I realised that they were throwing around some quotes and I thought that though were  allegedly taken from The Wandering Who they were totally unfamiliar to me.

Yesterday I was sent a PDF of the anti-Atzmon leaflet that was produced by Wimborne Idrissi’s JBIG.  As you can see, not a single sentence in the document  below is supplied with a page reference  and for obvious reasons. The ideas below are not  taken from my book or any of my writing.  They have nothing to do with myself or my body of thoughts.  Wimborne Idrissi & Co  basically invented it all. It is not sick, it is not even sinister, it is just stupid beyond belief.  More concerning is the fact that the multi-talentless anti Zionist Jews who produced this embarrassing Hasbara leaflet didn’t even manage to imitate my voice.

And I am left puzzled, If I am as horrible as Wimborne Idrissi & Co suggest, why do they have to forge my words? Why do they have to operate in such a fraudulent manner?  Why can’t they  simply quote me in context and prove their point?  Can’t they see that spin, deceit, and fraud don’t buy  them the necessary support ?  Are Jewish ‘anti’ Zionists familiar at all with the notion of intellectual integrity? Do they really believe for a second that the list of the most profound thinkers in our movement that already supported and endorsed my book  would support a book that states the above? The tragic truth is that we are dealing with a bunch of compulsive liars.  As far as I am concerned and as I mention in my book, It is actually the AZZ who are providing us with an authentic image of the tribal collective  psychosis.

Don’t misread me here. I would  be delighted to see Wimborne Idrissi and her 3 comrades at all of my events, either on the pavement waving  their anti Atzmon placards or inside with the rest of us. These AZZ really insist on making my life easy. They prove time after time  that my criticism of the tribal ideological continuum between hardcore Zionism and Jewish ‘anti’ Zionism is not just a theoretical elaboration. It is the true reality of contemporary Jewish identity politics.


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