The LIGHT List BY Nahida the Exiled Palestinian

( List of Intellectuals Gagged for Hunting the Truth )


The Link to this Website have been removed from some pro-Palestinian Websites, because the content of the Website are highly "controversial", my advise to all readers is to consult with their local "Thought Police" before embarking on reading, if you decide to proceed and read it anyway, you do so at your own risk, such "controversial" materials can cause some of your brain cell to suddenly ignite, which in turn might cause it to catch fire... BE WARNED

The approval of the "Thought Police" is always preferable, so you don't get in trouble with them, you don't want to find your name on their long list of "racists", "anti-Semites", Holocaust deniers" or conspiracy theorists":

It is ironic that some of the "Thought Police" themselves been victims of slander and smear campaigns-  their names are published on the SHIT list, yet they engage  in similar behaviour and use the same methods!

I would suggest to the "Thought Police", and they know who they are, if they still insist on following the sleazy methods of Zionist, to prepare their own smear list. To save them time, I would kick start it, and suggest that they call it the LIGHT List ( List of Intellectuals Gagged for Hunting the Truth )

This preliminary list can give them a good start:

Gilad Atzmon,

Professor Richard Falks,

Proffessor John Mearsheimer,

Paul Eisen,

Israel Shahak,

Israel Shamir,

Anthony Lawson,

Stuart Littlewoods,

Eric Walberg,

Jonathan Azaziah,

Helen Thomas,

Alison Weir

If they wish so, they can add Nahida the exiled Palestinian to the LIGHT List, after getting approval of their members, but if some members who know Nahida personally disapprove, they can add "Nahida's articles" instead, as you know, Nahida and Nahida's articles are TWO totally unconnected entities, they have absolutely nothing in common.