The Rabbi And The Congressman


Ynet reports in the last few days that an FBI investigation into Republican Congressman Michael Grimm's campaign finances ties him to Israeli Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto through donations of more than half a million dollars, and has also led to suspicions of senior Israeli police officers accepting bribes from Pinto.

The affair came to light due to an FBI wiretap agreed to by Pinto as part of a settlement with the bureau, after Pinto filed a blackmail complaint resulting the rabbi having to testify against Grimm, the New York Republican Congressman and former FBI agent.

The New York Times reported that Grimm was in contact with Ofer Biton (an ex Porn distributor), one of Pinto's assistants, in order to raise money for his election from the rabbi's followers.

Grimm, it said, had good reason to turn to the popular rabbi since he needed a great deal of money. Pinto supplied the funds to the Republican incumbent, a Catholic who prays every Sunday in church.

Grimm was able to raise more than half a million dollars – which comprised half of his total fundraising for the election, the FBI revealed.

Biton is being investigated on the suspect of embezzling millions of dollars from Pinto's followers. The New York Times also reported that there were illegal donations that included cash transfers and straw companies. The followers said they gave the money because Biton said Pinto wanted his followers to donate to the politician.

The message must be clear. America must target all Jewish lobby groups and block the possibility of foreign interests interfering with its politics politicians, domestic and international interests.    


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