They Love Themselves Loving Themselves

By Gilad Atzmon

In this this debate two rabid Zionist enthusiasts (Jeremy Ben Ami and Alan Dershowitz) who openly support the existence of the ‘Jews only State’, pretend to disagree on some minor issues.

Interestingly enough, neither Ben Ami nor Dershowitz happen to be concerned with ethical or moral issues. They are largely interested in the image of Israel and its impact on American Jews.

I would really like to know how many American Jews support Israel becoming a ‘State of its citizens’. How many American Jews support the Palestinian right of return*? Is there any Jewish progressive organisation committed to universal ethical thinking?

* As far as I am aware even the IJAN (international ‘Jews only’ Anti-zionist network) seems to adhere to the concept of the Right of Return, yet fails to specify whether it supports the return of the Palestinians to their land, homes, villages and cities. Is it also possible that like left Zionists, IJAN also supports the return of  Palestinian refugees to the future 'Palestinian State'?