Thinking Left may be Possible

Yesterday I gave a seminar in a Marxist university here in Buenos Aires. The topic was History, Being & Time. The audience were history professors. I argued that Revisionism is the true meaning of historical thinking- it is the attempt to think ethically while thinking of the past in a transcendental manner. I must admit that I had a great time.

While in the Zionised West, the Left is , pretty much, a Jewish controlled territory, here in Argentina, I managed to elaborate on history in an essentialist manner. I presented a harsh criticism of the Lefty PC 'inoffensive historical account', I explored the transformation of the Guardian from being 'The Guardian of the truth' into 'The Guardian of the discourse'. The discussion was open and enlightening, clever questions guided by openness, tolerance and dialectical thinking. One Jewish professor was intrigued by my approach, we discussed the topic and looked at the case of Israel in the context Jewish identity.

My verdict is simple, The West better liberate itself, so we can have a similar discussion in London and Columbia universities.. Liberation entails identifying the enemy within...the tyranny of our controlled opposition that is there to vet the most precious liberty to think freely.

Tonight at midnight I will be performing at Jazz & Pop