To Laugh or to Cry – Max Blumenthal in Berlin


 Reported by Gilad Atzmon

A pro Palestinian event, scheduled to be held next week in the German Parliament by the country’s far left political party, was cancelled last Thursday after party leaders learned that Jewish activist Max Blumenthal had been invited to attend. Apparently Gregor Gysi, the Left Party’s leader, put a stop to the event, believing that Blumenthal was too anti-Semitic.
I guess that the moral is simple:
1. The Left is not and has never been a true friend to Palestine. Though some sporadic leftists genuinely supported Palestine along the years, Left institutions have repeatedly betrayed the Palestinians and wasted our precious time.

2. Operating ‘as a Jew’, chasing historical revisionists and adopting the ugliest Zionist Hasbara method possible (labelling others as ‘anti Semites’) didn’t save Blumenthal from being tagged as one by the German Parliamentary Left.
If Max Blumenthal still wants to communicate with the German people, he can join me today in Brandenburg, where I will be talking about Palestine and the Left being a controlled opposition apparatus.