Tribal Wars Explored

As the Jewish Lobby is pushing for a war and the  'progressive' media outlets are working hard to disguise this embarrassing fact,  my latest book The Wandering Who is becoming more on more relevant and popular.

I just came across this new Amazon five star review.. 

The Book That Should Shake the World, September 6, 2013
Partial to Truth "PT" (USA) -  The Wandering Who (Paperback)

As another reviewer remarked, this is a book that needs to be read thoroughly more than once. Although written in an accessible, often witty style, it is dense with ideas, profound questions and above all it is a comprehensive analysis of Jewish identity and its politics.

None of the data presented are Atzmon's "discoveries." Indeed the references are all solidly documented work done by others before him, albeit often in fragmentary patches or concentrated in narrower perspectives than his universal humanist bird's eye view. Nevertheless to think that his ideas taken individually are not "original" is tantamount to failing to grasp that even though all the colored chips are contained in the kaleidoscope all the time, a twist of hand, a change of angle rearranges them to create a completely new pattern. Atzmon's merit is to have pulled together historical information, contemporary events and facts into a whole that makes sense, mostly a tragic sense and as a whole it is new.
The Jewish supremacist tribal identity coursing in a millenary continuum appears in a self-condemning and perpetually self-punishing struggle with itself and the world, trapped in a pathologic reflex to seek reinforcement of its dark world view and isolationism at all costs.

The book has been praised by some of the most esteemed intellectuals and academics of our time and ineffectually bashed by Jewish supremacists, "Israel right or wrong"propagandists and "leftist progressives" (the "anti-Zionist Zionists) in ad hominem attacks.
It is decidedly one of the most important books of our time precisely because, as the author says, Jewish identity politics is bound up with some of the most serious problems of our time.


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