Uprooted Palestinian: He did it, Hassan Hijazi returned to Yafa (Java) - Millions will follow


Palestinian Bouazizi

”The old will die and the young will forget (Nakba).” David Ben Gurion, first Zionist prime minister said in 1948, 35 years before the birth of Hassan Hijazi, the Palestinian Bouazizi.

Unlike the Tunisian revolution icon, Hassan, was a clerk at Syrian ministry of education, though, he as all uprooted palestinians in Syria enjoyed the same civil right of the granted to Syrians, his dream was to return to Yafa, where his father and grandfather were born. . It was a dream that come true, Hassan Hijazi, 28, one of hundreds uprooted Palestinian who crossed the the mined Wadi Al-sarkhat, and several military fence seperating occupied Majdal Shams from Syria, he took a public bus to Jaffa in search of what his parents' former house. My friend Dr. Franklin Lamb, hope the Nakba day may pave the way for "making some basic civil rights for Lebanon's refugees in Lebanon.

The Israeli media described Hasssan as a "Syrian" civil servent and called him an "infiltrator", no surprise, Golda denied the existance of Palestinians. ‘Only Jews have the right to infiltrate Arab lands’

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