Was Jesus Really Crucified: New Evidence Proves Otherwise


"Agron Belica’s controversial book, vigorously challenges the conventional view of John the Baptist as little more than the baptizer of Jesus and the herald of his messiahship"
- Dr. Jay R. Crook Author of The Bible: An Islamic Perspective

Agron Belica at Harvard Book Store
Agron Belica at Harvard Book Store

(WASHINGTON DC) - It is said that history is written by the winners. As one engaged in research and journalism and who keeps that old saw in mind, I am always interested in new ideas and new interpreta-tions of accepted truths.

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This carefully researched study of one of the most important events in human history certainly answers to both of those interests.

The author re-examines the conventional ideas about the relationship between the Baptist and the Christ that most people have accepted for centuries as gospel truth. He uncovers mani-fest discrepancies in the biblical narratives that have dominated European and even Muslim thought and, moreover, between them and lesser-known external sources such as the writings of Josephus.

The calm logic of his analyses overturn convention and lead inexorably to startling new visions of John and Jesus and even the Passion itself.

The Passion of the Baptist, Not the Christ is a well-written and interesting book. It is recommended reading for those interested in redressing the distortions of “history written by the winners.”

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