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Director: Dima Hamdan | Genre: Drama | Produced In: 2009

Synopsis: Gaza 2009. A massive Israeli assault is underway on Gaza. Mahmoud is in London, his mother is trapped in Gaza, and he is desperately waiting for her to call. He agrees to take part in a radio program about Gaza, but the producers take away his mobile. For the next few minutes, he has to endure listeners' questions, and a surprise guest who will reveal what has become of his mother. "Gaza-London" is an intimate portrayal of the helplessness and frustration many Palestinians felt as they watched from a distance while their loved ones lived the nightmare

Dima Hamdan's latest short film  Gaza-London is competing on the Culture Unplugged online festival, we need as many people as possible to see the film, vote for it (i.e: rate it) and post a good comment.


Dima is a  brilliant Palestinian  film maker.

In case you wonder, the music (soundtrack)  is mine.

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