Xymphora: The superficial, and the profound


Fight between the Angry Arab and Gilad Atzmon.  I like the Angry Arab.  He has a lot of good contacts and conveys a lot of information you can't get anywhere else.  He means well (too well, perhaps).  Having said that, Atzmon clearly wins.  Change a few words of whining to gloating, and change the Angry Arab's website name to the 'Happy Jew', and the Angry Arab's site could be a Zionist site.  There is nothing there that challenges Zionism in any way (in fact, it is just a list of Zionist 'wins' for the Jews to gloat over). 

The Angry Arab's problem is the profoundly emasculating political correctness of the American liberal arts university professor.  It makes any real criticism of violent group supremacism impossible.  The genius of modern Zionism, and the reason it has been so hard to eradicate, is that it finds ways to hide in those areas of group behavior that are impossible to criticize in modern liberal discourse.  It is impermissible to even hint that someone might be conspiring to act as part of a group for group supremacist ends.  It is the Jews, relying on Nazi treatment of the Jews as the exemplar, who have made this kind of criticism improper.  Since such criticism is impossible - and is generally called 'anti-Semitism' - we are helpless when faced with an extremely powerful and rich group (and by the way, I think such criticism is proper when used on behalf of a powerless group, which the Jews clearly are not), bent on violent group supremacist ends.  Stop them?  We can't even talk about them!  I find it hilarious that you can't discuss this stuff even during AIPAC Dominance Week.

Atzmon drives the Jews crazy as he hits at the deep politics of violent group supremacism, and the cloaking techniques used to make it impossible to say what he says (so he is called an 'anti-Semite').  He is profoundly destabilizing and delegitimizing (and Jews of good faith might want to question whether they find Atzmon disturbing because they have confused 'disturbing because it is bigoted' with 'disturbing because it is true').  Israel will fall when a legitimacy crisis causes enough smart Jews to leave Israel.  Atzmon promotes Zionist illegitimacy;  the Angry Arab, despite his best efforts, actually legitimizes Zionism.

Gilad Atzmon’s New Book: The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.