Kamal Hassan on Freedom

Dear Gilad,
I am one Palestinian of many that DO NOT accept or endorse what Ali Abunimah has put forth. Although I have great respect for Ali and his devotion for Palestinians and Palestine, I believe that he has stepped over the boundaries of Peace Activism and Freedom Of Speech. You my brother have every right to state how you feel about Zionism/Jewishness etc. that is you feelings and opinion period, and for Ali to join in and get on the Zionist band wagon trying to destroy you is completely unacceptable to me as a free and peaceful human being. I believe that Palestinians such as Ali Abunimah are better served by concentrating on Educating the uninformed masses out there, seeking the real truth that is undermined by Israel's apologists and AIPAC/Zionists every step of the way. Ali Abunimah perhaps forgot the Arab saying "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" to say the least.
As for me as a Palestinian refugee/Peace Activist and a free thinker, I say to you, thank you for all you do on Palestinians behalf and Peace/Music...May the wind be at you back.
Kamal Hassan
Palestinian Refugee/Peace Activist.